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Dues & Fees List

Weekly Skiing on Mission Bay

We ski Mission Bay year-round once a week, and twice a week during the warmer months. We provide all the equipment and helpful instruction you need.
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Directions to Crown Point
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Colorado River Trips

Spring and fall are our River Trip seasons. We take up to 25 people and two boats and ski 'til our hands are raw.
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SIGN UP for a River Trip with your credit card or PayPal account.

Course Skiing on Mission Bay

We have exclusive use of the slalom course on Fiesta Island in Mission Bay one Sunday afternoon each month. Great to hone your slalom skills or to learn from scratch!
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How To Contact Us

Call 858-430-9439 or email convairwaterskiclub@yahoo.com

Colorado River Trips

The club sponsors ski trips to the Colorado River in the spring and fall. There are usually five or six trips each season -- and sometimes a special midsummer trip -- which are the most popular club activity. See the monthly Newsletter for river trip information and schedules.

To sign up for a trip, pay by credit card, or personal check using Paypal, or mail your check payable to "Convair Waterski Club" to:

Convair Waterski Club
7430 Park Ridge Blvd. Ste 231
San Diego, CA 92120

Be sure to include who's going, their membership status, and which trip the check is for. Trips are filled on a first-come, first-served basis with a maximum of 25 skiers for two boat trips, and 12 for one boat trips. The sooner you pay, either online or by mail, the better your chances of getting to go. Your spot is not reserved until payment has been received. The trip cancellation policy consists of a $5.00 charge for cancellation of your reservation and the entire fee is nonrefundable if you cancel within two weeks of the trip date and there is no one to take your place.

The trip fees are determined by the Executive Board and published in the monthly newsletter. A member may bring a maximum of two guests as set forth in the club by-laws.

It is a good idea to call the Trip Leader to confirm your place on the trip. If you would like to carpool or need a ride, let the trip leader know. They will be able to give you telephone numbers for people in your relative area.

Each trip with a group of 25 skiers we take two boats, 150 gallons of gas and ski until our hands are raw. These weekend trips are one of the most popular club activities and spots must be reserved in advance.

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